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Solar Heaters Have Good Thermal Shock Resistance

Solar collectors are the basic components of solar low temperature heat utilization and have been the leading product of the world solar market. Flat type collector has been widely used in domestic water heating, swimming pool heating, industrial water heating, building heating and air conditioning and many other areas. With solar collector parts composed of water heaters that flat solar water heaters. Solar collectors mainly by the heat-absorbing panels, Solar Collector transparent cover, insulation and shells and other components.

When the solar collector works, the solar radiation through the transparent cover, the projection on the heat sink, the absorption plate is absorbed and converted into heat, Solar Collector and then heat transfer to the heat transfer plate within the heat transfer material, so that The temperature of the heat transfer fluid is increased as a useful energy output for the collector.

Solar collector is a transparent cover with a heat-insulated hexahedron flat box, surrounded by a solar collector can absorb the heat, can adapt to the dispersion of solar energy, low energy flow density and overcome a lot of diffuse radiation defects, at the same time, But also exposure to the storm, gloomy rain and snow in the natural environment. Solar Collector It can be said that solar collectors occupy the field and status can not be shaken and replaced.

Solar collectors have the following irreplaceable advantages:

1. Frozen resistance: the use of anti-freeze-type heat pipe, even in the cold conditions of -50 ℃ will not crack.

2. Start fast: heat pipe heat capacity, in the sun a few minutes after the output of heat; and in the cloudy weather, than other water heaters can produce more hot water.

3. No scaling: As the water does not flow directly Solar Collector through the vacuum tube, to avoid the cause of the scale caused by waterway congestion.

4. Good insulation: heat pipe has a one-way heat transfer characteristics, so that hot water at night will not heat down the heat pipe to the surrounding environment.

5. High pressure: the glass tube is not filled with water, connected to the collector can be with the tap water and circulation pump pressure, and thus in large and medium-sized hot water system applications unique advantages.

6. Heat shock resistance: even if the user accidentally misuse, Solar Collector the sun under the sun after the water heater into the cold water immediately, the vacuum tube will not burst.

7. Installation is simple, reliable operation: the collector within the vacuum tube and the collector is a "dry connection", no hot water leakage problems, easy installation; even if there is a heat pipe problems in the maintenance process will not affect The normal use of the entire system.

It is precisely because the heat pipe vacuum tube has many advantages, Solar Collector only more and more attention by the countries of the sun.

China's residential design has not yet considered the supply of hot water supply, and home hot water bath is a necessary condition for a well-off life. China's energy supply is tight, relying on conventional energy can not all solve the urban residential hot water supply. China's solar energy resources are very rich, more than two-thirds of the country's annual total radiation is greater than 502 million koos / m 2, the annual sunshine hours in 2000 hours or more; and in recent years the rapid development of solar water heaters, making use of solar heating Water is not only technically and economically viable, but is already competitive with conventional energy.