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Solar Collectors Raise The Water Temperature

With solar collector parts composed of water heaters that flat solar water heaters. Solar collectors are the basic components of solar low temperature heat utilization and have been the leading product of the solar market in developed countries. Flat type collector has been used in domestic water heating, swimming pool heating, Solar Collector industrial water heating, building heating and air conditioning and other fields. Solar collectors mainly by the solar collector heat sink, solar collectors transparent cover, solar collector insulation layer and solar collector shell composed of several parts. A solar collector is a device that absorbs the energy of the solar radiation and transfers heat to the working fluid. It is a special heat exchanger in which the refrigerant in the collector is heat exchanged with the distant sun. Solar collector is composed of heat-absorbing plate core, shell, transparent cover, Solar Collector insulation material and related parts. In addition to the loop pipe, insulation tank, it becomes able to absorb solar radiation heat, so that the water temperature.

Solar collectors and have other types of solar energy do not have the advantages of the characteristics.

One is particularly suitable for combining with the building. Flat solar water heater due to its structural characteristics of the plane, in the combination of solar energy and construction applications, Solar Collector the shape of flexible structure, the design is not subject to the shape or size of the constraints, easy to achieve with the combination of building components.

Second, has a high thermal efficiency. Because the vacuum tube solar collectors are composed of a number of vacuum tubes, there is a gap between the tubes, when the sunlight is irradiated, part of the solar energy is not accepted by the collector. The solar collector is a continuous plane, Solar Collector and the entire collector surface receives sunlight at the same time. Therefore, in the same lighting area and daylight intensity, flat solar water heater daily average efficiency is generally higher than the vacuum tube solar water heater daily average efficiency of more than 6%.

Three is a good pressure performance. Solar Collector Since the heat absorber of the solar collector is made of a metal material, the connection of the collector to the storage tank also uses metal parts, so that it can withstand the pressure from the tap water and the circulating pump. Urban water is generally used centralized water supply system, high water pressure, which requires the hot water from the solar water heater to have a certain pressure, thereby reducing the water heater outlet and tap water pressure between the user to provide Convenient and comfortable.

Fourth, the performance of a large system is stable. For some large sites, such as hotels, swimming pools, factories and other places, the use of solar water heaters, Solar Collector often need a lot of solar collectors to form a large-scale water supply system. If the use of solar collectors, in the collector and the system between the metal connection, rather than the vacuum tube and solar water heater with rubber and plastic parts connected to help enhance the stability of the system. Therefore, in the establishment of large-scale solar hot water system, often using flat solar collector. In addition, because the flat solar water heater structure is simple, easy processing and easy to scale production, but also makes it has a low manufacturing cost, installation costs and long service life and so on.