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Solar Collectors Have High Thermal Efficiency

Solar collectors are devices that receive radiant energy from the sun in a solar heating system and transmit heat to the heat-transfer working mass. It is a part of solar thermal utilization system, and it is the key component to determine the performance of solar thermal utilization system.

With the development of electronic technology, the types of solar collectors are becoming more and more diverse. According to the change of the direction of solar radiation entering the daylighting, it is divided into concentrating collector and non concentrating collector. Solar Collector According to the different types of heat transfer working type of collector, it is divided into liquid type collector and air type collector; According to whether the collector is tracking the sun, it is divided into tracking collector and non tracking collector. According to whether there is vacuum space in the collector, Divided into flat-plate collector, Solar Collector vacuum tube-type collector; According to the different working temperature range of collector, it is divided into high-temperature collector, medium temperature collector and low temperature collector.

Solar collectors are the basic components of low temperature heat utilization. Solar collectors are mainly composed of endothermic body, transparent cover plate, Solar Collector shell and insulating layer and other components.

Solar collectors use solar radiation through transparent cover plates, projecting on endothermic bodies, most of which are absorbed by the endothermic body and converted into heat energy, and then transfer heat to heat-absorbing bodies. In this way, the heat transfer working mass is heated, the temperature gradually rises, Solar Collector as the heat collector's useful heat output. At the same time, due to the temperature rise in the heat absorption body, through the transparent cover plate and shell to the surrounding environment loss of heat, Solar Collector become a plate-type solar collector of various thermal losses.

Solar collectors have been widely used in all kinds of thermal utilization systems, and the technology has matured and perfected, and its main advantages are:

Solar collectors have good pressure-bearing properties

Solar collectors are better able to withstand the pressure of tap water and water pumps, because its endothermic version is made of metal materials, Solar Collector and the connection between collectors and tanks is also used for metal parts.

Solar collector suitability and building integration requirements

Solar thermal energy Utilization system has the characteristics of plane structure, its shape and structure is flexible, it is easy to be installed, maintained and used, Solar Collector especially to combine with building components.

Solar collectors have high thermal efficiency

The surface of the solar collector is a continuous plane, receiving a large area of solar radiation, so that under the same intensity of sunlight, it can absorb more solar energy, its daily average efficiency than the vacuum tube solar collectors higher.

Stable performance of solar collectors in large systems

The solar collector and the heat utilization system are connected by metal, Solar Collector which can better form large system and guarantee the stability of the whole system. Therefore, for like schools, factories, hotels and other places, you can choose multiple solar collectors to form a large-scale thermal utilization system.



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