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Solar Collectors Are The Key Components Of The PV System

Solar collectors are devices that receive radiant energy from the sun in a solar heating system and transmit heat to the heat-transfer working mass. It is a part of solar thermal utilization system, Solar Collector and it is the key component to determine the performance of solar thermal utilization system.

Solar collector is a kind of device which absorbs solar radiant energy and transmits heat to working mass, as a special heat exchanger, the working mass in collector is exchanged with the distant sun. Solar collectors are mainly composed of endothermic plate core, shell, transparent cover, insulation materials and related components, in addition to the circulation pipe, heat preservation tank, you can absorb the sun radiation heat, Solar Collector so that water tank temperature rise.

The structure of solar collectors is relatively simple, the operating cost is relatively low, the working quality of the temperature is also low, safe and reliable. In addition, compared with the vacuum tube solar collectors, solar collectors have a strong bearing capacity, Solar Collector heat absorption area, and so on, is a combination of the sun and building one of the best choice of collector type.

The working principle of solar collectors is very simple, mainly is sunlight through the transparent cover to the surface coated with absorption layer of the endothermic body, most of the solar radiation will be absorbed into the absorption body into heat, and eventually transferred to the fluid channel in the working medium. After that, from the bottom of the heat collector into the refrigerant, Solar Collector in the fluid channel by solar heating to become a hot working mass, heated thermal refrigerant with useful heat from the collector's top outflow, stored in storage tanks for use, that is, to become useful energy to be benefited. At the same time, due to the heat absorption body temperature, through the transparent cover plate and shell to the environment dissipation of heat, it constitutes a plate solar collector of various thermal losses.

and building integration, high thermal efficiency, Solar Collector good pressure performance and other advantages make flat solar energy is more and more welcomed by the market and recognition, the above mainly on the principle of solar collectors introduced, solar collectors is an important part of the flat-panel water heaters, but also with the vacuum tube solar water heaters, the main difference between The advantages are also very obvious. In general, Solar Collector the thermal efficiency of the plate solar energy is higher, the antifreeze performance is better, the service life also is longer, is the future family solar water heater mainstream trend.