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Solar Collectors Are A Device

Solar collectors are defined as devices that absorb the sun's radiation and transmit the heat generated to the heat transfer medium. This short definition contains a rich meaning: Solar collectors are a device that absorbs solar radiation, solar energy collectors can generate heat energy, and solar collectors can transfer heat to heat-transfer media.

The basic working principle of solar collectors is very simple. Generally speaking, sunlight shines through the transparent cover to absorb the absorption layer on the surface of the absorber, wherein most of the solar radiant energy is absorbed by the absorber, which is transformed into heat energy and transmitted to the working medium in the fluid channel. In this way, from the bottom entrance of the collector cold refrigerant, Solar Collector in the fluid channel by the solar heating, temperature gradually rising, heat after heating, with useful heat from the top of the collector's outlet, storage tanks for use, that is useful energy benefits. At the same time, due to the heat absorption body temperature, through the transparent cover plate and shell to the environment heat dissipation, Solar Collector forming a plate solar collector of various thermal losses.

Solar collectors, many products in the market, uneven quality, introduced some of the plate collector identification methods. ‘

1 appearance, fine workmanship, no burrs, spraying evenly, in the appearance can not be useful eye to see the flaws. coating, now 2 kinds, blue Film (blue) and black chrome (black), general small factory do not standard blue film, need magnetron sputtering, investment is high, choose prudent. Back plate thickness, Solar Collector with the hand percussion, thin crisp, thick, heavy, back plate and side as a whole.

2 brands, the market is now a large number of small brands, production is not technical difficulties, quality can not be guaranteed, the choice of large brands, well-known brands relatively reliable some, but the big brand is also no lack of stickers and so on. Conditional can go to factory production base to visit. Baidu searched the top ten brands.

3 after the sale, the warranty, after-sale is also more critical, Solar Collector the length of warranty, after-sale response time, price, see whether there are offices in the local, and so on, the comparison of multiple brands, the choice of excellent.

4 If the use of large quantities, the proposal: first go to the manufacturers to visit the production line, followed by random sampling of a flat plate apart testing, Solar Collector see tempered glass thickness, copper tube thickness, coating material, core material and thickness, insulation material and thickness, inside the fine degree of workmanship, interface card material, etc.

5 use, the plate collector is affected by the temperature is relatively large, Solar Collector the thermal efficiency with the temperature change is relatively large, 10 ℃ when the actual efficiency of about 38%, -20℃ actual efficiency of about 15%. Vacuum tube: 10 ℃ When the actual efficiency of about 48%, -20℃ actual efficiency of about 38%.