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Shandong Solar Water Heaters Get Attention

Authorities in Shandong province is developing a solar water heater "on accelerating the development of new energy industry in our province to support the policy" to determine support fund set up to support the development of new energy industries. Which part of the funds will be used to subsidize renewable energy application in buildings, focusing on support for ground source heat pump technology, solar energy projects and solar PV building applications in conjunction with the city LED lighting demonstration project. Shandong Province will promote ground source heat pump heating and cooling technology architecture. In the absence of access to urban central heating pipe network construction, reconstruction, expansion of civil construction, and will vigorously promote the use of renewable water resources, soil source, sea water source heat pump heating and cooling technology, and with the integration of design and construction of buildings. Near lakes, rivers, buildings and allow exploitation of groundwater in place, may also have a one-time investment of less water source heat pump technology. www.puerwww.com

Related news, according to the preliminary plan, the implementation of urban planning in the region focus on the supply of domestic hot water residential district or group, with the use of the conditions, it must adopt a solar hot water systems. In civil construction, residential quarters street, city square lighting, lawn, etc., and actively promote the comprehensive utilization of solar photovoltaic technology to solve architectural and urban landscape lighting and some other electricity demand. Around will also actively promote solar hot water systems in rural areas contiguous focus of the multi-storey residential building. Meanwhile, in rural primary and secondary building passive solar house, solar collective bathroom, installing solar lights. www.yiliwww.com

In Shandong Province, Housing and Urban Construction Department learned that the proposed provision of solar water heaters in Shandong province's cities above the county planning area new 12-storey residential building and centralized domestic hot water supply public buildings, and architectural design and construction integration must be used sets of solar water heating systems and technology.