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No Pressure Solar Water Heater Strong Corrosion Resistance

At present, the market sales of household pressureless solar water heaters a wide range of non-pressure solar water heater market to occupy the main position is non-pressure all-glass vacuum tube pressureless solar water heaters, but hundreds of brands of pressure-free solar water heater products Dazzled, it is impossible to distinguish. So consumers in the purchase of non-pressure solar water heater to master some of the pressureless solar water heater key knowledge and purchase skills become particularly important, the following first to help you introduce the choice of water tank for the selection of consumers for reference.

Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater A water tank

Water tank mainly by the liner, insulation layer and shell composition, should meet the following requirements: good insulation properties, corrosion resistance, reasonable structure, handsome in appearance.

Liner: the life of the tank depends on the quality of the tank liner and the use of the environment. Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater The quality of the tank liner depends on the material used and the processing technology.

The choice of a variety of materials, but currently recognized the best stainless steel SUS3042B, its excellent corrosion resistance, it was also called "food grade stainless steel." The processing technology is mainly two kinds: rolling molding and welding. Rolling at room temperature for processing, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater the material has no effect on the basic, so excellent corrosion resistance. Welding is generally argon welding or pulse welding, but the impact of stainless steel material: in the welding area is easy to produce intergranular corrosion, and the weld on the chloride ion adsorption capacity is very strong, resulting in corrosion resistance of the weld. Especially in the tank on both sides of the bottom of the barrel and the wire at the junction of the ring weld, prone to corrosion, usually welded liner are from the first place where the occurrence of corrosion leakage. Therefore, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater the liner processing technology for the rolling of solar products as the first choice.

No pressure solar water heater All the tank liner are made of stainless steel SUS3042B, a roll forming. Water tank thread with a stamping riveting process and water tank connection. Water tank liner without solder joints, excellent corrosion resistance, long life. Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater Water tank liner bottom with spherical + reinforced structure, there is a certain pressure capacity.

Insulation: Insulation layer is part of the outer shell of the tank and the inside of the insulation layer, the performance of the insulation layer directly affects the actual amount of hot water available to the solar energy.Nowadays, the non-pressure solar water heater insulation material mainly uses polyurethane, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater is recognized civilian insulation The best material. Polyurethane foam process level is very important, ordinary polyurethane foam equipment is simple, low-pressure foam machine or manual foam, raw material mixing uneven, heat dissipation fast; without high temperature curing treatment, once the temperature will cause secondary Foam, inflated water tank shell, cracked liner. Another foam material is better, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater low-grade polyurethane foam after a year or two will not heat up. And the same materials and technical conditions, the foam thickness of the insulation effect to play a decisive role.

However, because the insulation layer is covered by the tank shell, choose some trouble. General brand-name products of the foam layer using the machine high-pressure foam, foam layer dense thick, the whole tank weigh up often heavier. You can also like to buy watermelon, poor quality insulation layer is not uniform, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater there will be gaps, hand beating will appear empty voice, especially the water tank on both sides of the head position. Another way is to check the vacuum tube hole in the tank insulation layer, only this part can be seen, you can see the thickness of the tank insulation layer, you can also press a press, the ratio of polyurethane to meet the requirements of hardening will be harder , The fingers can only reluctantly press out of a trail, if you are easy to press out of a pit that the product insulation layer cut corners.

Solar water tank insulation using fluorine-free microporous overall foam process. In the high-pressure state of the state under the bubble, foam, after 50 ℃ high temperature curing treatment, with excellent insulation properties.