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New Energy Photovoltaic Industry

Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, the National Energy Board and the Ministry of meeting new energy photovoltaic industry in Baoding, Hebei Province, to discuss how to help PV companies through the "winter." This one involves multiple ministries and commissions as well as other relevant companies support photovoltaic project started, the amount of investment is expected to be up more than 700 billion yuan. In fact, the National Energy Board as early as the end of September to the major domestic photovoltaic companies issued "on the declaration of distributed PV demonstration area scale application notice" under baked said it would, "a period of total installed capacity of 15GW Distributed Generation Planning "and asked each province energy authorities reported October 15 embodiment of. www.jiuzhou8.com

Ministry of Finance Economic Planning Division Director Energy Policy Office gave a presentation, the next phase will further increase the Treasury Golden Sun demonstration project support, point, line, surface and more engineering combine to expand the size of the domestic photovoltaic applications. One of the "point" refers to the number of enterprises in the industrial park to encourage self-occupied, "line" refers to encourage the education and health systems to expand the photovoltaic applications, "face" is the part of the city and county and the provincial level to encourage large-scale implementation of the second Golden Sun approved demonstration project.

According to the National Energy Board, deputy director of New Energy and Renewable Energy Department said, with the sun in the past during the construction project to give businesses a one-time initial investment subsidies in different ways, the demonstration area projects will be implemented fixed price, in order to calculate the actual electricity subsidies amount. CEC, National Grid, the Ministry of National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant ministries and commissions have received instructions. In addition to the second batch of Golden Sun demonstration projects, including power construction areas without electricity, the city and a series of new energy photovoltaic project is about to start. www.rxs8.com

It is reported that the provincial finance department has issued a document required to submit a second batch of 2012 Golden Sun demonstration project application materials. Under normal circumstances, the provinces are ready to sun after application materials will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance, when the country's second batch of Golden Sun demonstration project will start. It is noteworthy that started in 2009, Golden Sun Demonstration Project, the additional size of the project in the near future, to start the second batch of demonstration projects. It is understood that the solar subsidy program for the terminal, the goal is to determine the size of this year's first 1.7GW, after the practical arrangements for the project total has risen to 3.2GW