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Long Service Life Of Solar Collectors

The basic working principle of solar collectors is very simple. Generally speaking, sunlight shines through the transparent cover to absorb the absorption layer on the surface of the absorber, wherein most of the solar radiant energy is absorbed by the absorber, which is transformed into heat energy and transmitted to the working medium in the fluid channel. In this way, from the bottom entrance of the collector cold refrigerant, Solar Collector in the fluid channel by the solar heating, temperature gradually rising, heat after heating, with useful heat from the top of the collector's outlet, storage tanks for use, that is useful energy benefits. At the same time, Solar Collector due to the heat absorption body temperature, through the transparent cover plate and shell to the environment heat dissipation, Solar Collector forming a plate solar collector of various thermal losses.

Solar collectors are also known as elongated thermos, inside the wall has solar absorption coating, inside the tank water, inside and outside the glass layer for high vacuum, play the role of heat insulation.

Solar Collector's heating principle is that the use of glass tube hot and cold water layer after the floating water to produce siphon principle, hot and cold water natural circulation, Solar Collector will be cold water gradually heating!

Solar collectors are welcomed by more and more people, and solar collectors are now scrambling to use solar collectors because of their usefulness and scope of application.

Solar collectors, including storage buckets and heat pipes, in the heat pipe with one end opening of the collector tube set, the opening end of the heat pipe is positioned in the inner cavity of the storage bucket and is fixed through the sealing ring and the side wall of the storage bucket, Solar Collector and the opening end of the collector tube is sealed through the sealing ring, and the sealing ring comprises a tubular sealing On the top of the main body of the seal ring and the middle circumference respectively, the outer edge and the lower rim are integrated, an inner seal ring is arranged on the inner wall circumferential of the main body of the seal ring, and an outer sealing ring is arranged on the outer wall of the main body of the sealing ring at the bottom of the lower outer rim, Solar Collector and the heat pipe is a stainless steel tube. The utility model can avoid water loss in the storage bucket, especially for large-scale solar collectors in series.

Characteristics of solar collector products

1. Long service life; 2. pressure operation; 3. Strong weather resistance; 4. Stable performance; 5. Basically belong to 0 maintenance; 6. Can be used as part of building materials material (requirements are not very high roof, etc.). In terms of quality assurance, to solar collectors, Solar Collector to ensure product quality must be improved from the following aspects.

One is raw material: the decline of the Yunnan flat-panel solar energy market should be a wake-up call for workers working in the solar industry. In order to ensure the perfect combination of solar collectors and buildings, first of all to ensure that your raw material life is at least consistent with the building, Solar Collector so from the endothermic coating, flow path, transparent cover plate, border structure components, etc. must be strictly controlled, can not be shoddy.

Second, the production equipment and process conditions: with good raw materials will not necessarily make good products, this from the current domestic many industries can be seen, Solar Collector from this to the flat-panel solar collectors processing equipment, the need to further advanced countries with the production equipment and technology integration, to go out a suitable for China's development of the road.