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Engineering And Construction Of Solar Water Heating

In our cities to promote China really more of a solar thermal products is central heating system, also known as solar water heating project.

Many solar water heaters in the building if you want to use, it must comply with the building codes in the design and manufacture of life must be guaranteed. But instead, the solar water heater is durable consumer goods, the use of decentralized, self-construction and technical characteristics of the decision in particular, it is difficult to combine with the building of buildings, especially the use of the buildings in the city's architecture is very suitable for both quality assurance issues , there are security issues, but also affect the appearance of the city show. www.flmgs.com

Especially the all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater collector hypothermia limitations still exist in the northern winter. And in the construction industry, it is very clear that the installation and use of solar thermal equipment is not as easy to imagine the building especially in high-rise buildings.

Even so, China's solar thermal demonstration project was everywhere, and many local governments pushing solar energy demonstration projects, buildings and even mandatory installation and use of solar water heaters, solar water heaters in 2009 was also included in the new energy "home appliances to the countryside" policy in. But this series of policy initiatives have not achieved the desired results.