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Compact Solar Water Heaters Improve The Heat Release Efficiency

The traditional compact solar water heater has occupied half of the country, but can not achieve heating function, which not only can not improve the living quality of living, but also greatly waste the solar energy resources. Farmers still firewood, coal heating.

The latest research and development of compact solar water heaters can achieve the field of solar thermal heating heating effect. Compact solar water heater

Based on the solar thermal industry under the high degree of industrialization of the traditional compact water heater prototype, through a special internal structure design, so that the traditional compact home solar water heater not only produce hot water, but also to achieve the heating function, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater so that rural areas, Remote mountains can enjoy the warmth of the sun. So as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

Compact solar water heater features:

1. From the appearance point of view, with the ordinary compact home solar water heater, the water tank and the vacuum tube is conjoined, all with ordinary all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater installation conditions of the location and technical capabilities can be installed, Only need to pay attention to some aspects of special attention and training, you can achieve standardized installation, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater to facilitate post-maintenance.

2. Compared with other collectors (header modules) that rely on all-glass vacuum collectors, there is no problem of drying in the non-heating period, and the system performance and life are more excellent.

3. The use of heat-sealed silicone ring, greatly enhance the insulation effect of the tank, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater and to avoid burst pipe, run more secure.

4. The water tank introduces the patented "busbar" technology structure, so that the horizontal storage of the storage hot water tank (height difference) in the heating cycle, the water medium to the outlet to the end of the radiator heating.

5. Water tank introduced a patented "water injection" technology structure, making the heating back to the water or replenishment of the hot water in the collector tube slowly ejection, that is, replacement of the hot water collector tube, in turn into the collector in the cold water, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater not only Greatly improve the collection tube heat collection efficiency, but also to avoid the water storage tank water medium disturbance, improve the heat storage tank heat release efficiency.