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Compact Solar Water Heaters Have Won The Favor Of Consumers

Compact Solar water heaters are a major industry in the application of solar energy. It is environmentally friendly, safe, energy-saving, health and other advantages, quickly won the favor of the vast number of consumers, China, is a major energy consumption, the annual energy consumption accounted for around the world's total energy consumption 1∕3, and the total energy consumption in the country, there are 1∕3 from building energy consumption. "To the roof to energy", compact solar water heaters are to absorb the sun's radiation heat, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater heating cold water to provide people in life, production and use of energy-saving equipment.

Advantages of compact Solar water heaters

1, compact solar water heaters are green renewable energy

The solar energy is renewable energy, compared with the conventional energy, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater has the inexhaustible characteristic and so on; as long as there is sunshine, compact solar water heaters can be converted to light and heat, compact solar water heaters can run all year round.

2. Compact type solar water heater has remarkable economic benefits. A long-term benefit from an investment is the salient feature of a compact solar water heater. Under normal circumstances, the family uses the compact solar water heater heating, can save the daily electricity used for heating water, gas costs 90%, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater reduce household expenses, can be recovered in 1-4 years of investment.

3, safe, long service life

At present, a large number of gas water heaters and electric water heaters have a safety problem, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater the use of solar energy does not exist poisoning and electric shock hidden danger, very safe, compact solar water heater main components of the service life of up to 15 years.

4. Green Environmental protection. Solar energy as a clean renewable energy, no environmental pollution, no security risks. such as the whole province of the use of compact solar water heaters can reduce the average temperature of 1 ℃, so the use of solar energy to make my province sky bluer, Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater more green mountains, water clearer, gas cooler, is a green environmental protection an effective measure.



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