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Solar water heaters solar manufactu

Solar water heater temperature can be designed. Solar water heater is a kind of light energy into heat energy devices. Undoubtedly, the ability of the photothermal conversion of solar water heater is the evaluation of the thermal performance of a rigid target. However, this ability is the size of the photothermal conversion and product water heater temperature independent. There exists a problem of solar collector area lighting ratio and the water capacity of the tank.

Speaking on a water heater, lighting area (collector area) is certain, it is certainly the biggest collector of ability. At this point, if the water tank capacity is not the same, so less water is bound water temperature will be higher. This is why solar water heater tank looks the same count are basically the same, but there are reasons for the low temperature high lies. In fact the energy collectors get is the same, but there are different forms of it, but you get the temperature of the hot water production losses.