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Solar water heater manufacturers to answer

Too small amount of water to the water heater hot water, water pressure, bad master mixing valve regulating water temperature is too high or too cold, how to do, that this is an odd question disaster: The main reason is due to the non-supporting solar water heaters cause and hot water natural fall from the tank, also known as solar gap, currently on the market for about 90% of solar energy for our fall style, which is mainly determined by our consumption, because pressure solar is too expensive, the cost is too high not universal, currently only a small number of high-end customers with natural gap reaches a meter capable of generating 0.1 pressure, typically from the tank to the top of the user intake point about 3 meters, that can produce 0.3 pressure, and normal under the water pressure is 2 ---- 3 pressure, in most cases, even the pressure of cold water fraction less, the water temperature is not high, can be used, such as four or five degrees, because they do not the need for cold water or cold water on the little (little cold water valve opens, the pressure naturally small). Temperature higher than four or five degrees, because it requires a lot of hot and cold water, so the pressure difference between hot and cold water will be great, because the pressure is too large, cold water will return to the top of the solar heat storage tank, which who are all released shower in cold water, then turn off the cold water fights, by the cold water pressure, braving hot water, hot water get down, know that cold water will shut down the block, this is because the cold water basically closed, down all the hot water, so round, it is difficult to adjust to the appropriate position, the solution is to add a hot water pressure to reduce the pressure regulator like much, but sometimes there is such a case, the only difference between the slow Results can also be installed indoor thermostatic valve, it would be better to complete the introduction of non-mounted hot-pressure solar, hot and cold water balance.