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Solar water heater manufacturer's marketing tips

A. Solar Energy Conference marketing training brand dealers. By "conference marketing" model, gaps in the market in the country to carry out high-density, attract more dealers a comprehensive, fast, close look at the solar brand, which entered into a strategic alliance program. Proven, launched a "conference marketing" model, the solar industry is currently the most effective investment model.

B. Wealth Wealth thousands of stores open road plan. In order to allow more consumers to experience the technology leader in solar energy products, but also in order to enable dealers to share advanced technology to bring wealth feast, you can fully start the "thousands of stores plan to create wealth," in the vast rural areas three, four market plans to open 1000 stores, plans to invite the youth to share wealth interested in entrepreneurship.

C. Advocacy charity culture with love works. As we all know, for a new distributor in order to win the market, the company's open support was extremely critical, therefore, at the opening of the new dealer support should also be devoted efforts, helping to lay the dealer market first shot. In order to establish a new dealer visibility and reputation in the market as soon as possible, segment competitors, the biggest gain consumer recognition, joint new store is located in the township nursing home dealers carry out the "Love Project": for nursing home donated a water heater products (Enterprise provided free of charge), two loving tree planting, 12 times a year to volunteer. Opening with the roadshow and tour promotion, so that dealers can be profitable markets just joined