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It is important to install solar water heaters

Saying as also Xiao, also lost. Do we really have to use solar water heaters do? Insiders give a positive answer.

However, they also stressed that, in order to be safe to use, in addition to ensuring product quality standards outside, but also to find a professional and timely maintenance is properly installed. "Solar water heaters outdoors exposed to the elements, failure is normal." In Dalian, the housing industry association of new energy professional committee Yinshi Dong opinion, the correct attitude to treat solar water heater is not unworthy, but to do right to buy and use.

"Many consumers only care about the quality of products, ignoring the installation and maintenance. In fact, the solar water heater can not be safe to use, half of that quality, half of that installation and maintenance, followed by two must be done by professionals." Yinshi Dong, from the in recent years, the city's failure statistics in terms of solar water heaters, consumer direct purchase, install, and fell into disrepair, can not find the manufacturers and distributors of products accounted for a large proportion.

The new building on the professional unified installation and regular maintenance and overhaul rarely go wrong. He also reminded, more than two years of the heater, before the winter, it is best to make an appointment and commissioned professional home inspection to ensure the safety of the winter. According to reports, due to the installation and use of solar water heaters is a systematic project, which requires developers