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Heaters varieties always have a right for you

With the arrival of cold winter nights can enjoy a hot, become one of the most comfortable way of life, this time to buy a water heater to force becomes very urgent. Currently on the market many types of popular water heater, there are electric water heaters, solar water heaters, of course, its performance is different. So how do you choose a water heater it desirable?

What to buy water heater is certainly wise see wisdom eyes of the beholder, but the premise is for these different types of water heaters have a general understanding of the market will not have to be thrown off balance, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of various water heaters together, and help everyone to combine yourself and your family's habits and living environment to choose.

First, the gas water heater

Gas water heaters, also known as a gas water heater, it refers to a gas as fuel, the combustion heating by way of heat transfer to the cold water flowing through the heat exchanger to achieve the purpose of preparing a hot gas appliances.

Gas hot water heater is not only fast, the water temperature constant, and the acquisition cost of the most expensive. General household, using 8 l is sufficient. But the use of the process due to incomplete combustion and emit harmful gases, is likely to cause accidents, to be installed in a well ventilated place.

Second, the electric water heater

Electric water heaters and water heaters into fast electric water heater, clean energy is its main features. Can guard kitchen, and other multi-channel raw water supply, easy to use; the water temperature is relatively stable; you can still use the water down.

Water heaters bulky, more space; reservation required heating, the heating time is longer; a limited amount of hot water; there are load-bearing walls for installation requirements; easy long scale, periodic cleaning. Tankless water heater power, high power capacity for the home, there are special requirements for air switch; plug must be used for safe high performance requirements.