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Beijing reminds stored solar manufacturers of solar

Beijing solar manufacturers teach you how to select a common water heater?

What kind of heater easy to use? First purchase water heaters, facing many businesses and brands, how will you choose? Now we have common knowledge about the water heater to tell you to make a choice.

Solar water heater is the use of solar energy into heat, so cold water temperature, in order to provide people living water (mainly for the shower), a device commonly used in a good water heater should have the following properties:

First, the water temperature is not too high

Most people think that common water heater temperature the higher the better, can in fact, this idea is wrong, because the water temperature is too high (over 80 ℃), some substances in water easily attached to the collector tube fouling, destruction of natural circulation heaters, affecting life. Therefore, under the same conditions, the same area of the collector tubes to produce water temperature should be kept within a reasonable range, the ideal water temperature suitable for the production of solar water heater between 45 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, the temperature inside the heat water better.