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Analysis of solar water heater manufacturer

1. When the installation of solar water heaters, water mains may be stained with dust or greasy inside, you can turn on the tap to rule out the first use of debris.

2. The water in the inner solar water heaters should be regularly emissions based on local water quality, drainage time is optional at the time of the morning low temperature collectors.

3. The surface of the solar water heater, according to the amount of dust in the region for regular smear, can play a self-cleaning when it rains, the water heater to keep the surface clean to obtain a higher collection efficiency.

4. When not in use for several days in a row sunny hot water, its water temperature is high, the use of solar water heaters, please open the cold water, hot water after opening, to avoid burns.

5. faucet outlet end of the filter device generally, the scale of debris inside the pipe network will be gathered here, should be regularly cleaned to remove themselves, can increase the amount of water flowing smoothly.

Tai'an solar water heater manufacturers analyze many consumers heating water heater or a different principle, I think everyone on this is scanty, to tell you about today. It is our life, health closely. Solar water heaters give our lives to bring the convenience, in fact it is a photothermal converter for solar water heaters, vacuum tube solar water heater is the core.