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Analysis of solar water heaters solar

Now society, probably has only a handful of places did not place the solar water heater, and we do not talk about those very dry areas, and in places as usual, is not only the city buildings, even in Tsz, did every family solar water heaters are placed. Water heater manufacturers producing more and more competition in the industry under increasing pressure, so in order to better adapt to the market to occupy the market, it must now be held innovative solar water heaters. So, solar water heaters, solar water heater manufacturers to analyze how to reform it?

First, solar water heaters, from tension to handle once how to do without the sun. Now ordinary solar simply are experiencing cloudy environment becomes inconvenient, because there is no hot water. Rather than the power of good water heaters will be installed electric heating results, apply this inconvenient problem, such as water heaters are more favored by the people. Secondly, in addition to solar water heaters never met cloudy inconvenient problem, but also to handle water heater insulation and water leak problems.